Preschool Classes
Ages 18 months to 5 years

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Increased confidence, flexibility, upper body strength, love for fun activities that are physical.
Michele Sandberg, Gym Basics and Dynamites
I really like the way the coach works with the kids. She does a great job redirecting them when they are distracted. She explains well what the boys need to do, and uses lots of positive praise.
Becky McClees, Beginning Boys
What a great foundation for all sports!
Level 2
I love the atmosphere at Apple Valley Gym – professional, but not competitive for the little ones, fun and instructors who are knowledgeable and great with kids.
Apple Valley Gymnastics has been great for my daughters. Both my girls love it, and it's well worth the drive from Chelan every week!
Jennifer Polley, Level 1
Our little guy is having a ball. He loves to come to gymnastics and gets excited to show us what he's learned each week from the coach!
Kimberly Eagle, Rockers & Rollers
Gymnastics is one of my daughter's favorite parts of our week. She asks each day if it is the day for gymnastics.
Rachel Medeiros, Tumblebuds
We took our two 3-year-old grandsons for the indoor park playtime. They had a great time. There were a lot of kids and parents there but it was such a large area that it didn't seem crowded. Lots of fun activities.
Janet Moore Searles, Indoor Park
Great place to have children's birthday parties. My kids had a blast, as did their friends.
Michelle Scott
My kids have taken classes here at 3 different times with different coaches and every time it's been high quality instruction.
Kelsey Borst, Dynamites
We celebrated my son's 5th birthday there today and we absolutely loved it!! All of the kids had a blast! I will be coming back next year for sure! A big thanks to the instructor. He was great with my entire group and very helpful!
Nena Coria
The instructors are patient, kind, fun, and challenging. Awesome place for gymnastics lessons!
Susan Hatzenbihler Yale
Love it! Always a fun place to do my girl's birthday parties.
Kendra LeAnn
The kids always have a great time on Saturday morning.
Greg Klingel
I recommend highly!! <3 <3
Hannah Miller

Mom & Tot

Parents participate with your child, with our coaches assisting you in helping your child develop basic skills for listening, hand/eye coordination and balance in a fun, safe and encouraging environment.

This is a 30 minute class for boys and girls, ages 18 months – 3 years.

Rockers & Rollers

In these classes, your child learns to follow instructions from their teacher and strengthens their ability to participate in a structured class. Our coaches work on basic gymnastic skills, hand/eye coordination, and safety in a fun-filled environment.

This is a 45 minute class for boys and girls, ages 3-4 years.


Dynamites is a mixed boys/girls class that focuses on teaching kindergarten-ready skills (colors, shapes, numbers, letters) through gymnastics activities.

Dynamites is a 45 minute class for a mix of boys and girls, ages 4-5 years.