At Apple Valley Gymnastics, we believe there are some important concepts to bring up regarding gymnastics as a sport verses an activity. All children can benefit from the activity of gymnastics. Unlike what we see on TV, gymnastics has many benefits and has many fundamental roots for childhood growth and development. Don’t let the Elite level gymnast scare or intimidate you. Those athletes have trained many years to allow them to safely perform highly complicated and risky skills. Gymnastics as a sport is clearly different than gymnastics as an activity. The physical, mental, emotional and social benefits of gymnastics education are tremendous. Many children who participate in the activity of gymnastics grow up loving the way they feel about themselves as a result of their experience. The child may continue for years and become involved in gymnastics as a sport, rather than an activity and gain success within their personal best. Gymnastics will enhance neurological and cognitive development, improve overall fitness (strength, balance, coordination, agility and flexibility), and improve emotional control. Therefore, gymnastics as an activity is an excellent aid in the development of a child as a whole.